Breviary : this is the book containing all the prayers of the Divine Office.

cells : this word comes from the Latin “cellula” which means “small room”. A Carmelite's cell is simply her bedroom. It remains simple: a bed, a table and a chair, a cross, and images to facilitate prayer.

Chapter : the Chapter of the community is made up of all the sisters permanently committed to the community. He is responsible for electing the prioress and councilors of the community and validating important decisions.

Fencing : It is the living space of the community reserved for the sisters, except for unavoidable exceptions (workers, health personnel, etc). This space of intimacy with the Lord allows them a life of union with God, lived according to the rule of Carmel in silence and solitude, which is not distracted by contact with outsiders. The sisters love this space and only leave it for essential reasons.

Licence : major parties are subject to a “license”, that is to say an authorization to derogate from silence and usual work. These days of license therefore have a very marked festive character, both in the liturgy and for meals and times of relaxation. Each community decides which license days they want.

Office : There are the Liturgical Offices or “Divine Office” which are times of community prayer made up of hymns, psalms, reading of the Word of God, intercessions. There are also the community offices which are the daily tasks necessary for the life of the community which are distributed among the sisters.

Prayer : prayer, a word which simply means “prayer”, is the term with which we name this time of silent prayer before the Lord where we let him look at us and remain in his presence.

Priory : she is the superior of the community. She is elected for three years renewable once by the sisters permanently committed to the community.

Prayer of the Hours : equivalent of the Divine Office

Break : time of re-creation and fraternal encounter during which the silence is lifted. We speak there freely, exchanging news or sharing on a chosen subject.