Building through reflection and community service

The community is the place where we build ourselves up and constantly recreate ourselves, advancing on the path of life, entirely oriented towards the Lord who has called us. The whole community exchanges on its way of living its Carmelite vocation and thus builds itself.

Each one is called to make the community live by putting herself at the service with her gifts, her talents, her skills in the various community services: liturgy, stewardship, formation, domestic work.

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By being attentive to each other,
sharing joys and sorrows,
but above all by sharing our spiritual discoveries, by making a shared wealth,
rereading our experience to better move forward together.

Living a life of great regularity in its daily unfolding, we like to celebrate feasts: liturgical feasts, sisters' birthdays, special events. This results in a more developed and neat liturgy, a beautiful table in the refectory, an improved menu that the cook is happy to offer to the community, spaces for relaxation and sharing between us that we take advantage of to watch films together. or documentaries together.

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