Community Matters Today 17 sisters.

Rich in our differences

Coming from Rwanda, Israel, Reunion and all corners of France, we get to know each other, unifying our ways of doing and living.

Together following Christ

We did not choose each other at the start, but Christ who called us all invites us to choose each other each day to better choose Him, gathered together to live the rule of Carmel which offers us a particular way of living together in his footsteps. , in solitude and communion.


Carmelites, we are no less women. This living body that the Lord has given us, we take care of it, we respect it. We learn to be all welcoming
to the other, my sister, and to the Other, God.

This life of relationship feminizes us more and more.
Renouncing the beautiful relationship between man and woman in the union of bodies, we experience a different closeness with every human being, a love that is becoming more and more universal.


We keep ourselves informed of major world news by reading newspapers and magazines. Meetings in the visiting room extend this awareness.

We continue to train ourselves in the human and relational disciplines as well as in the technical knowledge that we need.

Testimony of Carmelites of Lisieux (videos)