Céline Martin, Thérèse's sister, entered the Carmel in 1894. She brought a camera there: she took many photos of her sister Thérèse and of the community. Remember that at that time, there was an exposure time of about 9 seconds, which gave a somewhat fixed character to the faces.
It was able to make admirably good use of the equipment, altogether rudimentary, of the time and of the means of development available to it in a makeshift laboratory.

According to the habits of the time, with a view to their wide distribution, Céline will retouch the photos. See the example opposite with the retouching in miniature. This will contribute to give a somewhat cutesy image.
In 1950, the Carmel brother, François de Sainte Marie will obtain to have published The true face of Thérèse with unretouched photos