Therese welcomes you
to be discovered

Discover Therese

The places, the family and the time she lived
The Order of Carmel where she sanctified
The name she chose
His writings and their dissemination
His message: the little path of trust, abandonment and love.

His life in Carmel

Passing through the door of a cell of Thérèse, you enter the life of Thérèse in Carmel. Among the most touching objects to discover are his habit, his writing desk, but also his humble material for painting, sewing, making hosts, washing powder. Films take you into Thérèse's last cell and into the daily life of the Carmelites of Lisieux today.

The Hurricane of Glory

From the camera brought to the Carmel by Céline, Thérèse's sister, with which the famous photos of the saint were taken, to the canonization, passing through the images and the first cross in the cemetery covered with intentions of pilgrims prayer.

The room of ex-votos offered in thanks for the graces received

You can see marble ex votos or objects offered as a token of gratitude to Thérèse from the five continents. Five panels evoke the pilgrimage of the relics which continue to travel the world.

A model of the monastery showing the living space that was his.