The Lord continues to call women and men to give their all to Him in religious life as He has always called. When this desire arises in our life, it can fill us with joy, but also with questions, doubts, upheavals to consider.

This desire must be confronted with our human reality and make its way: a time of maturation, of discernment, of seeking the style of life and the community to which the Lord calls me. Time that allows you to grow in freedom to make your choice in a lucid way. It is good in this stage to be accompanied by a person who knows religious life and is used to this type of discernment. The discernment is made by the person in search, but it will also be discerned by the ecclesial interlocutor.

To desire to enter Carmel or to aspire to be a Carmelite is first of all to be worked on in depth, by a strong desire for God and a call to a life of silence and solitude, with a view to finding the Beloved who leads in the desert, to speak to the heart. But, it is also to be burned with the desire that a greater number meet God, this living God, full of Love and mercy who has revealed himself to us, in a very personal way; and to bear the joys and sufferings of the world through our prayer and our life in community.

To accompany this desire to enter the Carmel, contact with the prioress of a Carmel is the first step. This will initiate a dialogue to get to know each other. She can then propose a short stay at the reception of the monastery to prolong this search for discernment according to methods which are adapted to each person. If the call to Carmel is confirmed, it will be time to choose the community to which we feel called.

Once this choice of community has been made and the decision to enter Carmel has been taken, the time comes to

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