Thérèse had the desire to be a saint but quickly discovers that the way of the great saints; This " rough road to perfection is not for her. She will open a path that uses the ordinary means of the life of spiritual childhood: trust, abandonment, humility, simplicity, love in all the little things of everyday life. This little way is made for those who accept their littleness, their fragility, their poverty, sure that the recognition of their poverty attracts the abundance of God's infinite mercy. This path makes you grow in trust and love:

« I understand so well that only love can make us agreeable to the Good Lord that this love is the only good that I aspire to. Jesus likes to show me the only path that leads to this Divine furnace, this path is the abandonment of the little child who falls asleep without fear in the arms of his Father... "If someone is very small, let him come to me. “…Ah! if all weak and imperfect souls felt what the smallest of all souls feels, the soul of your little Thérèse, not a single one would despair of reaching the summit of the mountain of love, since Jesus does not ask great deeds, but only surrender and recognition. » (Ms B 1r°)

Thérèse will teach her little way to her novices. Sr. Marie de la Trinité wrote to a young Carmelite nun from Angers: “I believe that it is the first time since the world began that a saint has been canonized who has done nothing extraordinary: neither ecstasies, neither revelations nor mortifications which frighten little souls like ours. Her whole life can be summed up in this single word: she loved God in all the little ordinary actions of common life, accomplishing them with great fidelity. She always had a great serenity of soul in suffering as in enjoyment, because she took everything as coming from the Good God”. (Sister Marie de la Trinité, A novice of Saint Thérèse, Cerf).

Miscellany of the « small way »


“The good Lord wants me to abandon myself like a little child who doesn't worry about what will be done with him. » (CJ 15 Jun 1)
“I never get discouraged, I abandon myself in the arms of Jesus. »
“Jesus does not ask for great deeds but Surrender and Recognition. »
“I don't worry at all about the future, I'm sure that the good Lord will do His Will: that's the only grace I want. »
“I no longer have any desire except to love Jesus. It is Abandonment alone that guides me, I have no other compass! »
(MsA 83r°)


« Your soul is sister to mine since it is called to rise towards God by the ELEVATOR of love and not to climb the steep staircase of fear. » (LT258)
« Enjoying all the little things and doing them out of love. » (Ms B 4v°)
“To love is to give everything and to give oneself. » (PN54)
“Your soul is so well made to console Jesus. Love him madly for all who don't love him. »
“Jesus teaches me to do everything out of Love, to refuse him nothing, to be happy when he gives me an opportunity to prove to him that I love him. »
“You know, O my God, to love you on earth, I have nothing but Today. »


« It's trust, only trust that should lead us to love » (LT197)
“Keep your confidence well. It is impossible for the good Lord not to answer it because he always measures his gifts by our trust. » (CR)
“My path is all about trust and love. »
“I have such great confidence in Him that He will not be able to abandon me. »


“I cannot fear a God who has made himself so small. I love it ! …because he is only Love and Mercy. » (LT266)
“If I had committed all possible crimes, I would have the same Confidence, this multitude of offenses would be like a drop of water thrown into a burning brazier. »
(JC July 11)
“To live on Love is to banish all fear, all memory of the faults of the past… In an instant Love burned everything…”
“He will go far to find you if sometimes you get a little lost. »
“For those who love him and come after each indelicacy to ask his forgiveness by throwing themselves into his arms, Jesus trembles with joy. »


“What pleases the good Lord is to see me love my lowliness, it is the blind Hope that I have in his Mercy. » (LT197)
“The poorer you are, the more Jesus will love you. »
"You have to agree to remain poor and without strength, that's the difficult thing. »
“Having nothing, I will receive everything from the good Lord. »
(CJ June 23)“ My little way is to always be happy, to always smile. (Word reported by her sister Céline CSG)