Prayers for Jacques please

Hello my dear sisters, I had the chance to visit you already with groups, twice. I have great confidence in your intercession. Please, thank you for praying for Jacques having the COVID in particular.

oration intentions

Por mi vocación a la vida contemplativa de clausura. Que Santa Teresita y San José me mantengan fieles y me ayuden en todo momento para perseverar santamente y vivir alegre el camino.

Intention to pray for healing

Good morning! Please, Dear Sisters, can you please pray: Car Dentris, Cita Duesso, Miriam Dores, Agus Foras, Liber Pronté, Moni Dorma, Paloma Dalgaze, Madame Lopé, Tino Edaor, Famil


stetherese ask God for help for me and juliette and chantal and my brother pascal who is a very correct man and helps me all the time

Jean Marie

For France

For France, its people and its peace, you the Patron Saints of France (Virgin Mary and Thérèse) pray for us.

The souls of purgatire

Prayers for the souls in purgatory, for those who no longer have anyone on this earth who can pray for them. May all the love of the Virgin Mary envelop them.

Pray for the healing of Simone L

Can you pray to ask for SIMONE L to be completely cured of the aftermath of the stroke and of all her health problems GRACES ACKNOWLEDGMENTS


So that my parents who oppose my desire to be a priest accept that I enter the seminary

intention to win in court

Dear Carmelites, could you pray that I win in court on April 5 (conclusion of the pleadings) against a German bank in the context of a vast scam of which I am the victim.