The order of Carmel was born in the Holy Land following the prophet Elijah. Teresa of Avila reformed the Order in the 16rd century. Each Carmelite monastery is autonomous.

March 15, 1838 : Foundation of the Carmel of Lisieux thanks to the Carmel of Poitiers and installation in the house of the widow Leboucher located on chaussée Beuvillers (now rue du Père Zacharie).

August 24, 1838 : Installation of the community in the current monastery which will be finished in 1877.

The community welcomes many vocations.
April 9th : Entrance of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus who died there on September 30, 1897.

1923/1925 : Beatification and canonization of Thérèse
Millions of pilgrims flock to the Carmel of Lisieux.
Enlargement of the nave and construction of the shrine chapel

2000 : Welcoming of new sisters and construction of a more modern building for the sisters to live in, their workshops taking place in the historic monastery which remains a place of life.

2006 : Renovation of the chapel for a better shared prayer with visitors.

Creation of the Memorial offered to visitors to discover Saint Thérèse.

2019 The welcome of several new sisters allows a renewal of the community dynamism, in particular of the Liturgy.

Carmelite and lay brothers of the Order of Carmel (OCDS) have also been present in Lisieux for several years.