I had a very full life: an interesting job, friends, trips that had enriched me with other cultures. I had given up all religious practice after a Catholic childhood but I remained with a thirst for interiority that could not be fulfilled. This thirst had led me to take an interest in oriental wisdom and to listen to people who had made an inner spiritual journey.

From time to time, I opened the Gospels to get to know better this “wise man” who was Jesus. Until that day when reading these texts, the presence of God invaded me: God was alive and he was in me, he had the taste of an immense and unconditional love. I was overwhelmed and heard a call to let myself be led in confidence. Very quickly, I discovered a Carmel: it was filled with joyful women dedicating their lives to the One I was discovering. Their way of life, of prayer, made of silence, solitude and fraternal life was in continuity with my research and attracted me more and more.

The desire to commit myself to following Jesus in order to love him better and make him loved led me to drop everything to enter this community a few months later.

The years have passed and I can say today with Thérèse of the Child Jesus: Oh my God, you exceeded my expectation and I want to sing your mercies."

My favorite picture: Mary, after the annunciation, which shows Christ living in her.

A phrase from the Bible : The motto of the Order of Carmel: " He is alive the God before whom I stand (word of the prophet Elijah, 1 Kings)

my favorite saint : Thérèse of Avila, a woman of unprecedented freedom and topicality.

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus for me :
She is a sister, a friend, a guide for my daily life, helping me to put love into the small gestures of life. I share his greatest desire: love Jesus and make him loved and his prayer for priests.

my greatest desire : that all discover the love with which they are loved and encounter God.

A Carmelite from Lisieux

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