I was innocently offered the Self-Written Life of Teresa of Avila.

I read it, wincing a little each time it spoke of all the faults of these "people of the world", so that unconsciously, to escape its repeated criticisms, I no doubt saw myself as soon as I first reading as being on the other side of the fence, in Carmelite.

My real reversal, however, came from her style: Thérèse ends each chapter by leaving the thread of her story to write a few extravagant words of love to the Lord. A real shock. I did not yet know that she was copying the manner of Saint Augustine in his Confessions, but I saw there, to my great surprise, that one could love God and madly, just like between men and women.

The rest, changing lifestyle and finally entering Carmel, was only a series of small adventures and circumstances, which become heroic adventures as they make the heart beat. Once at the monastery, there was the discovery that everyone here dreams of living the end of the chapter of Thérèse of Avila… A beautiful team work, knitted anew each day.

my favorite picture : a seashore, any, sun or storm, with space, distance, vast peace.

my favorite saint is Saint Joseph. As a friend told me: “Do you know any men who listen to angels? I like his low profile, and the remarkable paternity he had to exercise with regard to Jesus so that he began to call on God. pope.

My favorite Bible phrase :Tough question, as there are almost 36,000 verses! Let's go with the books instead. Paul is a dazzling galaxy and the gospels are always working: I can't do without it, but I have a weakness for the first book of Samuel.

Thérèse of Lisieux for me: A top star. It moves me a lot when it affects at the same time 2 or 3 young men who have come to visit their grandmother, in Hong-Kong, New-York and Montpellier for example, all three finding themselves reading the Story of a soul by idleness, and who are all three upset.

Her cross-culturalism is poignant, not to mention the closeness she develops with all her friends, young or old: she quickly becomes familiar with inner discourse, with kindness and tailor-made.

my greatest desire  The kingdom of heaven for all, all ages combined. In the meantime, universal education for all, in all countries.

A Carmelite from Lisieux

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