Help the Carmel of Lisieux

Support the Carmelites of Lisieux in their mission of prayer,
help spread Thérèse's message and maintain the historic sites associated with her…
several options are available to you:

Make a donation to the Carmelites of Lisieux

to support them in their prayer life

Simply send your donation by check to
Carmel of Lisieux, 37 rue du Carmel, 14100 Lisieux.

The Carmel is not authorized to issue tax receipts.
You can make your donation to Foundation of the Monasteries specifying " for the Carmel of Lisieux ».
You will receive a tax receipt and your donation will be forwarded to us.

Bequeath to the Carmel of Lisieux

The Carmel of Lisieux is authorized to receive bequests without cost or inheritance tax.
The bequest must be made in the name of "CARMEL DE LISIEUX", 37 rue du Carmel, 14100 Lisieux.
All you have to do is inform your notary who can contact our bursar sister if he wishes. 
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Donate to “Friends of Thérèse and the Carmel of Lisieux”

to help promote Thérèse, her message
and the upkeep of historic sites linked to Thérèse.
Your donation will be eligible for a tax receipt.
To learn more about the association

I make a donation to the Friends of Thérèse of Lisieux :

-   by online payment : the possibility is not open at the moment.

-   by cheque : I download the support voucher.

-   by direct debit : I download the direct debit authorisation.

Be sure of our prayers for all your intentions.
A mass is celebrated at Carmel every 2nd Wednesday of the month for your intentions

The Carmelites of Lisieux